Beam Suntory: Partner Feature

Since 2014, Beam Suntory has been a world leader in premium spirits. Locally, Beam Suntory operates Alberta Distillers Ltd. In Calgary, Alberta where they produce brands like Alberta Premium Whisky, Alberta Pure Vodka and Northern Keep Vodka, a brand that promotes and spreads awareness about nature conservation in Canada. Beam Suntory has recently established Proof […]

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Soulanges Mills: Partner Feature

Soulanges Mills is a proud partner to farmers, millers, bakers and pastry makers. They’ve developed, produced and marketed specialty flours that meet the needs of industrial and artisanal bakers, as well as consumers, and are excited to add Habitat-Friendly Winter Wheat to their offerings. “Customers are looking for more transparency and want to know where […]

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Ducks Love Winter Wheat

One of the most beautiful ducks on the Canadian Prairies is the northern pintail. With its slender, elegant neck and long, pointed tail, it’s no surprise that this species is a favourite among conservationists and bird watchers alike. In the 1970s, Ducks Unlimited Canada, one of the largest and longest-standing conservation companies in North America, […]

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